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Best and cheap conveyancing lawyers Gold Coast

Buying or selling real property in Queensland can bring about a rewarding outcome for both the buyer and the seller. However, the process can itself be hazardous and if not handled properly can prove to be an expensive exercise for both parties.

Why Choose Us

  • A team of highly experienced lawyers who will look after your best interest throughout the transaction
  • Transparent and affordable service with no hidden charges
  • Effective communication between client and lawyer
  • Professional yet easy to understand guidance from the start all the way to completion
  • Our in-house transfer duty self-assessors offers additional convenience and efficiency to our clients;
  • We participate in both electronic (PEXA) settlements as well as manual paper transactions.

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What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a legal process of transferring ownership of real property from one entity to another. To know more please click on the link below where applicable.

Buying property in Queensland

Selling property in Queensland

Do I need a lawyer?

The conveyancing process is governed by many rules, regulation and legislation. A slight mistake during the course of conveyance can have a disastrous effect on the parties involved. In most cases, these mistakes lead to significant financial losses. Therefore, you must seek advice from the best conveyancer in Gold Coast.

So, whilst it is not a legal requirement to obtain legal representatives, it is certainly not a bad idea!

Who prepares the contract?

Normally the real estate agent prepares the contract. If there are no real estate agents involved, then the seller or his/her lawyers will prepare the contract.

Hence, it is advisable to seek independent legal advice prior to the signing of the contract, and this is where cheap conveyancing Gold Coast comes into play, and it makes itself the hell important to the context.

What are the fees?
We are not only known to provide cheap conveyancing Gold Coast, our services are also of great value.

Our fees vary depending on the type of property involved, and whether or not you are buying or selling. Click here for our current competitive conveyancing rates.

In addition we offer:-

  • Fixed and competitive professional fees;
  • In house transfer duty self-assessors;
  • No upfront cost – you only pay us at settlement

Retaining us

If you want us to represent you in your conveyancing matter, just include our details in the contract of sale and let us take care of the rest! It’s that simple!


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