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Short answer, no.

What are the implications one might ask? Besides putting yourself at risk of being fined, there is a bigger problem- No CTP insurance.

Usually, if the driver of a registered vehicle is negligent and caused a motor vehicle accident , then the vehicle’s CTP insurance covers the personal injuries sustained by an innocent 3rd party/parties.

However when the vehicle’s registration has expired, then there is no CTP coverage. In these situations, the innocent 3rd parties may bring a personal injury claim against the Nominal Defendant. The Nominal Defendant is a statutory body that effectively steps into the shoes of a CTP insurer and runs the claim as a CTP insurer usually would.

End of story? Sadly, not necessarily. Under section 60 of the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994, the Nominal Defendant may recover against the owner of the vehicle any reasonable costs incurred by the Nominal Defendant as a result of the personal injury claim. These costs may be astronomical, and will depend on the size of the claim brought against the Nominal Defendant.

So the next time your registration has expired and you are thinking of getting behind wheel, consider this:- what may I be up for if I rear-end a bus full of people?

By: Justin Ang (solicitor)

Useful link : MAIC – nominal defendant

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